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These four ladies sure worked their saris at a recent premiere.

While all of them wore their saris well, it was only Mita’s sari that stood out; we like! Liked Neeta’s sari too, minus the blouse. For Vidya, one word- Soaperstar. And while Mugdha looked (very) pretty, her sari, we didn’t quite care for.

Who was your favorite?

Mugdha Godse, Vidya Malwade, Neeta Lulla and Mita Vashisht
At Balgandharv Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I agree. Mita’s look is my fav. Nice colour on her and nice saree. Neeta’s is ok if not for the blouse.
    I love that all avoided the blatant half boob show !! Thanks ladies !

  2. Mugdha definitely looks the best. But as biased as you guys are, it takes a Vidya or a Rani in saree to get you guys excited. I am sure you two would go gaga if the same saree was worn by Rani or Vidya Balan.

  3. Love Love Mita’s sari… the combination is just so cool.. and she has draped it well, accessorised it well… but the footwear (will ignore that since overall she looks pretty)…

  4. 1. Mita- love the color, blouse jewelry…2. Mugdha, beautiful smile, nice sari; I like the sari on Vidya and Neeta, I just wish they would do something about their hair. especially Vidya , she should talk to Shilpa’s hair dresser.

  5. I personally find Mugdha’s saree really nice; that color looks lovely on her!!! She too looks gorgeous; must say Ms. G is improving and looking great these days..

  6. Mita looks stunning and I love her color combo and the jewellery. I also like Mugdhas saree which is very summery and light. Mugdha’s looking really well put together in the saree.

  7. All sarees were worn well – elegant and classy. Love Vidya’s saree colour, and the others wore such fresh and summery colours. Like!

  8. Love the last two sarees, the others are just o.k. Is Neetu wearing one of her own? It doesn’t look like a typical neetu lulla saree – wish she’d get rid of that fringe though, it really dates her.

  9. the only saree that i like is the green one on Mita Vashisht but the footwear is just bad. But what’s up with Neeta Lulla ? does she want to prove a point?… strange because her daughter is such a well dressed woman


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