For Better Or For Worse?

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Not sure why Mugdha felt the need to change (she attended both the Lion Awards and the Star Screen Awards the same night), but we preferred the Gayatri number to the pink more.



Left: Mugdha Godse at Lion Awards
Right: Gayatri Khanna, Fall 2008


Left: Mugdha Godse at Star Screen Awards
Right: Gayatri Khanna, Fall 2008

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. do these celebrities have a mirror or something… or perhaps a loyal friend who would tell them how to work the look… My bai dresses better than that!

  2. Although she looks beautiful and I too prefer the Gayatri number over the pink one but only relatively since I don’t like the print of the first gown.

  3. agree with suchi: hehe, never satisfied, if she hadn’t changed, it would have been like “two major events and she didnt change?!” hehe

  4. I wish I had a name as designer then I could have show these people what to wear and design gowns out of this world, all designer all dresses all wordrobes I have seen in couple of months suck


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