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At the unveiling of her upcoming movie ‘Help’ with Bobby Deol at the IIFA festivities, Mugdha chose a bright yellow gown by Swapnil Shinde. Wish we had a full-length but from these pics, she looks as cheery as the gown.


Left: Swapnil Shinde Preview
Right: Mugdha Godse at IIFA ‘Help’ First Look, Colombo

Photo Credit: Twitpic

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  1. Surprisingly, I like this dress…I mean it’s a bit much but I think it’s almmost sort of fun and different and light…I wish the ladies had done their hair different and their makeup a bit more dewy, that would have made it better. I want to wear the dress and dance around lol

  2. I am not sure whether the visible skirt bit helps or not. I might like this better without the longer skirt or a more opaque dress.

    The colour is enough to make it stand out.


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