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For a round of movie promotions, Mrunal picked Ridhi Mehra to wear. The actor teamed her pre-draped sari and embellished blouse with minimal jewelry and understated make-up. Like the look on her?

Mrunal Thakur At Dhamaka Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The lack the word talent talent is evident when these self appointed designers create one of these. destroying the classic saree this way,

    its borderline criminal to make it SO ugly.
    The blouse? I dont even know where to begin, the cardboard like padded bra, the georgette dupatta like flimsy material and the ugly cheap pearls all over

    Note to humans who claim to be designers:
    Leave the saree ALONE. Show your “prowess” (ughh!!) in shredded jeans and bra blouses, and plagiarized Gucci Prada Yada Koliwada gowns please!
    Your talent and lack there of is better suited for the phoren arena 😛

  2. I always considered myself a saree purist but, while I wouldn’t wear it ever, I actually don’t mind this on her! i think it’s to do with the color and the casual nonchalance with which she’s carrying it.
    Note to people crying for the saree to be left alone: The subcontinent has always seen variations of the saree, whether in the way it’s draped, its length or, more lately, in design interpretations. It’s as pure as a garment can be — but in no way does that mean that people mustn’t play with it or have fun with it or make it their own otherwise. The logical end of “leave the saree alone” is to make it a museum piece and the saree is anything but.

  3. There never was one saree in history. The saree as we know was modeled on the Victorian skirt in the mid-colonial era to help women be able to leave gendered quarters and go to schools and get an education. That is why there are no real words in Indian languages for a blouse and a petticoat. There are cholis but they are a different garment. Before that period, there were at least 108 documented kinds, lengths and drapes (which included the much derided one-boob show drape OMG!!) of the saree depending the region and caste of the woman wearing it.
    So a saree will change, as it always has. Its present iteration is only so old, and is derived from a Western and foreign model. It was also designed (credit is served at the door of the ladies of the Tagore household) in service of the education that makes us the women we are today.
    I welcome all snarky derision in the form of “pseudo” this and that cos that seems to be the flavour of the season.
    I guess celebrities carry the burden of having to look different for every appearance. And they showcase trends designers are working on. That might mean hits and misses in pleasing everyone. We might like the aesthetic or not, and might have things to say about it. But really, the snarky snappy derision that is starting to appear here reveals so much about anonymity and people at keyboards.
    On a side note, wonder why there isn’t so much derision for a modified sherwani, breeches, pre-stitched dhoti? I sounding like a phoren feminist yet?
    I am bored of this one-style-fits-all-outfits-poker-straight hairstyle, wonder if the top of this outfit is too heavy handed for the saree and really like what the outfit is doing for her curves and complexion.

    • Great information on saree and it’s progression over time.. but (I being one of the saree appropriators) the point in leaving a saree alone is about how women aren’t able to drape or carry it well despite saree being a basic women’s outfit worn for generations and ages alike, they will however chose to redesign and style it with all sorts of modern crap like crop tops, frills, prints, gowns, pre stitched n what not.. so simply, don’t distort what you firstly don’t get.
      If done well a saree is obviously the most fluid outfit worn in all variations of drapes, prints, fabrics, in all parts of India and then neighbouring places like asean and so on.. which is beautiful too.

      • Sana; you may want to read what SB has written again. She has mentioned there are 108 documented styles of wearing a saree which means there could be more undocumented ones as well. We obviously did not know of all 108 styles of saree. The styles will keep changing as per time. Why are we stuck in our head with one style of saree which we know of. It is ok to modify the design and styles. as you rightly mentioned its a fluid piece of cloth which can be drapes as per our culture, region, caste, taste, style etc., Don’t we have different styles of trousers, skirts dresses etc. depending on weather, style, region, fashion, trend?

    • I hear you and agree on playing with the garment but many of the outfits depart from the core of the garment around which all inventive takes are built. This seems more like a gown inspired by a saree than a saree that has elements of a gown – the saree we know being an example of the latter.

      The blouse looks like a shredded top for a mermaid movie.

      No offence to the actress who is carrying it off, just a critique on the outfit.

  4. SB; great information. Thank you for taking the time and educating us. Sadly you will still get the brickbats . And yes hate is the flavor of the season. In fact I was pondering over how much the comments the language and the emotions have changed since 2013 that’s when I started reading this blog. The comments section has become cringe fest serving hate buffet.


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