Short Circuit

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Wearing a strapless top with Alexander Wang shorts, Mouni was spotted at an event today. Now, I don’t expect Bolly ladies to be clued in about Wang and his very problematic behavior. But, since this blog is targeted to the rest of you, perhaps y’all will think twice before being sported in a Wang piece.

Mouni Roy

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Bollywood did not even boycott Balenciaga after their absolutely disgusting and pedophile photo shoots. So I don’t expect any decency from the B brigade. There’s a long list of celebrities who continued to sport their sweatshirts, shoes, bags, and what not even when the scandal was ongoing.

  2. How do Bollywood actresses expect support during the MeToo movement when they themselves support sexual predators? Will they stoop to any level for free clothes and instagram ads?

  3. It seems like they went in and got all the Balanciagas and Wangs at discount after their fiascos when no one else wanted to touch them. The bolly lots thought of it as stock up time!


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