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Those saris weren’t all that Vidya wore to the Film Festival in Australia… At one event, it was an ombré Sabyasachi anarkali, while for another it was a full length, anarkali-esque black dress.

Not a fan of the ombré ensemble but Ms. Balan looked absolutely gorgeous in the black and gold outfit which she wore to an event where the Mayor honored her.

Vidya Balan At Indian Film Festival- Bollywood And Beyond

Photo Credit: MindBlowingFilms

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  1. She is almost drowning in the yards and yards of fabric. I almost feel an urge for rescuing her, except for the look that says she is happy drowning. So good for her!

  2. See now we know why she sticks to saris? Let’s not ask her to change it up please…..The saris are way better than these halloween witch costumes.

  3. These outfits are not working for me, or for her for that matter!! Maybe this is her compromise for western wear, but its just making her look dowdy and dull. People complain that she’s always wearing sarees but the plain fact is she looks amazing in them and can’t really pull off these odd indo-western fusion looks.

  4. This post, that Sabina post, all the past few posts.

    Mr. Sabyasachi, PLEASE take a year’s sabbatical and rethink your design strategy. As is stands, it does no one any favours and worse robs Indian handlooms of all their elegance.

    And I hope HHC publishes this because I am a huge fan of our handlooms and it hurts to see these.

  5. these outfits have a cumbersome and uptight victorian governess feel to them. not a good look. compared to this she almost looks fabulous and heavenly in saris.

  6. OMG, such aunty clothes. Can’t understand how Sabyasachi actually managed to convince anyone that these are fashionable. She looks like she has come out of the English Victorian era.


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