More Burnt-out Fashion At Aag


    Maybe they didn’t get the memo, but aren’t premieres a formal occassion? Isn’t that a place where you gussy up, so that, when I look at the pictures of you, I want to go watch the movie, just a tad more? Sushmita obviously missed the boat, in an uninspired see through shirt! But somebody please tell me what Gul Panag was thinking dressed like that at RGV’s Aag premiere?


    The whole midriff look works when you are lunching with your girlfriends or at a beach. Just about anywhere else, its tacky. And the tee, oh boy! While am all for pop-kitsch, that wouldn’t have been my first pick! And you know whats coming next.. The sequinned gold/pink undertone bolero. Two words: Doesn’t Work.

    All in all, an outfit put together in two seconds flat when blindfolded. Kudos.


    1. OH MY GOD!!!!!
      I always believed the safest bet for a person who doesn’t know how to dress is a tee and jeans. Believed one can NEVER go wrong with that!!! Gul Panag has proved me WRRRRRRROOOONNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!! She has to be the first to find a way to kill a pair of jeans and t-shirt!
      SHOCKING! What the hell is that anyway??????




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