From Runway To TV To Photoshoot


When it comes to photoshoots, the woman (Monikangana) is a knockout. But in real life, to put it mildly, we’ve seen her knock us out for all the wrong reasons. :P

For now enjoy her shoot from Grazia India shot by photographer Suresh Natarajan wearing two Falguni and Shane Peacock outfits (the cream and the red one below).

Catch the rest of pics from the shoot Here

Left: Falguni and Shane Peacock, Fall 2010
Center: Cheryl Cole On X-Factor, Nov 2010
Right: Monikangana Datta in Grazia

Monikangana Datta (in Falguni-Shane Peacock on left) in Grazia

Photo Credit: SureshNatarajan.In


  1. There is something very odd about this woman…cant quite put my finger on it. She kinda looks like an old lady dressing up in her daughters clothes.


    • But can’t you see that’s what makes her look so striking? It’s a face you won’t forget in a hurry. Her face has a totally different kind of beauty. Nothing like the Sonams and Aishwaryas with their fair skin and traditional, conservatively beautiful faces. I want to see more of her.


      • i agree…u cud look at that face for ages and try to analyse it …
        its a face made for high fashion…
        i dont see her doing any shampoo/toothpaste ads anytime soon … but she sure is interesting … and she wud look interesting even 30years from now.




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