Almost Ditto

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Dislike both the dresses. And now, two Jersey girls are missing their prom dresses!

Besides, Tanisha really needs to break her tube top look. And how.

Esha Deol, March 08
Tanisha, July 08


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  1. Just saw sarkar raj today. Tanisha really looked beautiful. She was natural and covered up. And then this had to go and spoil it.

  2. Hey guys,
    you changed your tagline…!
    Its nice, though i really did like the previous one too. That was more sassy, this sounds thoda too desi.
    But i suppose as long as u aren’t changing your content and style, its cool!

  3. Love the dress on Esha, she has a nice bod, and nice toned arms (which helps), and the bow does not sag, on Tanisha, such a bubbly girl and just comes across as insipid in pics, sad

  4. same dress looks good on one and doesn’t look good on another.
    Esha looks good.
    Tanisha….oh dear, it’s all going wrong with her.

  5. Almost ditto, so they are different. 🙂
    Don’t like any of the dresses, and the hem in Tanisha’s dress needs to be fixed or done properly.

  6. Thnx for the link Payal. just weird to see EVERYONE sporting it (coz if I m nt mistaken then the same/similar thing was also seen on Tusshar n Ekta Kapoor. Wonder which one of our “great” astrologist’s is behind this craze!)

  7. The dress is ugly (period) and that neckline is REALLY not flattering on Tanisha (but then again…she does fraternize with Kajol and Rani :/)


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