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Wearing a yellow pantsuit by Rhea Pillai Rastogi, Mithila attended the Filmfare Awards. Wearing something that will define the bust is tricky because we’ve seen folks wear an ill-fitted piece many a times. No complaints here though. Mithila looked fabulous in hers. She was definitely one of my favorites of the night!

What did you think?

Mithila Palkar

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. Filmfare has hit such a low. They canโ€™t even afford proper lighting. Even the decently turned out ones end up looking tacky due to the lighting.

  2. The bustier is looking like a coiled snake to my eyes, and somehow the filmfare lighting is making the yellow suit material look cheap. The social media post is definitely fantastic!

  3. I didnt like the under bust accessory at all, looks very unnecessary and forced. And the tiffin carrier/ purse is a big no no as well. Nope…

  4. Corset-y kind of thing to define the bust is not even doing its job as. Should have been worn just under the bust. Unnecessary, nevertheless.


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