1. just wish tht shweta did not carry such a big clutch, tho pretty oversized clutch luks good wid slimfit straight dresses a tiny bit more thn flowing garmnts, a smaller clutch sth on the line of BV (knot) wud hv been a killer~well tht’s just me

  2. I like Shweta’s gown, and I feel I have seen similar version in Valentino’s collection, or somewhere that I can’t pinpoint.

  3. I like Shriya’s dress but those boobies need to be put away – also don’t like her sandals.

    I prefer Shweta’s dress minus the green insert thingie.

  4. wats wrong wid dat saran woman??look at d way she’s standin!!!!!!!y d hell do celebs thrust deir bust out n stand???????n dat 2 in a…….an indecent way???looks awwwfully tacky n cheap!


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