A Separate(s) Story

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While out and about, Mira was photographed wearing matching co-ords. On both occasions she paired the sets with designer bags- a Prada tote one time and a J W Anderson hobo at another. She made the separates work for her!

Mira Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Pajamas, these are pajamas. Period.
    Mark my words. This is the trend that will make us cringe a few years from now, like the velour tracksuits with juicy or babe printed on the seat of the pants.

      • If they’re looking for comfort, there are a bunch of other more presentable choices. No one’s asking them to torture themselves but you wear a bikini to the beach and pajamas to bed.

        • I meant in general younger women are picking comfy coords, sneakers, high waisted loose pants. I think that’s a good thing.

          As far as coords go it’s clearly upto the styling which can take it from nightwear to daywear and I think Mira did a good job

        • Yeah man.. and some how coords give me such a privileged vibe.. Like i have these pants which I will ONLY pair with this one top .. else one uses their brains to pair a pair of pants with sooo many diff tops and options..

          the whole point of coords is trying to be casual but it actually is high effort and money..

          your pants and top don’t have to match for your outfit to be comfy.. you can wear beige chinos and a white t and be comfy

          so let’s not think celebs are wearing coords to be comfy.. they are wearing them because they think coords are stylish.. and because they have the money to buy a gazillion outfits which will not be repeated or restyled with diff pairings


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