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As she was out and about in Mumbai, Mira was photographed in separates from Attaché. A Saint Laurent bag and pair of metallic sandals were among her accessories of choice for the evening.

As easy as the separates were, the proportions didn’t really work for Ms. Kapoor. A more fitted top would’ve helped balance out the volume and make the whole thing look less fussy.

Mira Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. your comment ‘a more fitted top’ doesn’t pay heed to the fact that she just recently gave birth and may have worn a more lose fitting top to hide some of the baby fat which can take ages to go away. Be a bit considerate to fellow women!!

    • Agreed. But the top she has on is a crop-top so am not sure if camouflage is what she was going for. Regardless, by fitted I didn’t mean body-con and was just referring to something with cleaner lines and a less fussy top with no voluminous sleeves etc. I should have been clearer.

    • Maybe the person forgot that Mira just had a baby or just thought the way she cleared up in her comment. Could have stopped at ‘….ages to go away.’ Be considerate to fellow humans, irrespective of their gender.

  2. These clothes have nothing to do with her having a baby recently as she has been regularly spotted in form fitting cleaner clothes after the said event. Also, there is plenty of more shapely wear for new moms. These pants themselves look so baggy and uncomfortable to walk in, it’s a wonder she can walk without tripping.

    • Haha! Completely agree. Folks are way too sensitive. ( I delivered a baby 2 months back so I can say for sure that she didn’t wear this crop top n baggy pants to camouflage)
      This is one ugly outfit.


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