In Ayesha Depala

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Minissha opted for an Ayesha Depala again but this time to much better results. The feathered gown was paired with earrings by Atelier by Monica and a ring by House of Chic.

Lookin’ good!


Left: Ayesha Depala
Right: Minissha Lamba at IIFA Awards 2013 in Macau

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Minissha is Mini…short, petite & round! She’s beautiful.

    But the fashion choices are one disaster after another. This one swallows her, gives her no shape & the bust is fitted improperly! Above the neck, she looks good!

    • Totally disagree with you there. In fact this is fitted perfectly on her, and gives her great shape, despite being feathered. For once she actually looks classy, and very elegant. Definitely one of her best choices till date.

      • Dear Grozny, I guess we can agree to disagree 🙂

        Well…the belt is a little too high & it looks like it is holding up her bust.

        It goes to the larger point viz. couture is rarely made for regular sized women hovering 5′. So, they did a poor job of adjusting the dress to her proportions. If the feathers weren’t there, we would be saying “what was she thinking?”.

        My 2 cents.

  2. why! does not this dress look a little cheap?? not liking the material of the dress, frm what i see!! a more tasteful material would have done the look much good!

  3. 4th dress with a metal belt. Blatantly copying fashion from the more well known and original designers whose designers creep down to the much cheaper brands in uk and us and everyone ends up wearing the same thing to small occasions like BBQ-ing and clubbing in a not so posh place


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