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While we much prefer this appearance of Ms. Lamba’s over those gowns we saw her in… can’t help but wish she chose a different pair of shoes and skipped the hose and opted for another clutch to have really played up the “fun” dress she has on.


Left And Center: Minissha Lamba At Anil Ambani’s Big Pictures Success Bash
Right: FCUK Wendy Cotton Ruffle Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. P&P I thought you were on vacation! Not that I mind, I love the blog and I love the fact that every time i’ve visited the site in the past few days there’s been something new- but what happened to your well deserved break!

  2. What doesn’t work for Minissha:

    1. The color
    2. The innerwear
    3. The sheer tights
    4. The hair
    5. The nail color with that dress

    I do like the shoes though. The dress does not look like it’s made of cotton like the subtitle says. It looks more like satin?

  3. er,those shoes with stockings with THIS dress<is her stylist asleep or does she not have one.
    gotta agree better than those nasty gowns she appeared in!

  4. I totally appreciate your Work! Thanks girls, this blog totally keeps me afloat at work and I learn so much about fashion btw! smooches!

  5. OMG she looks god awful. She doesnt have the personality to carry this off. The dress is wearing her instead of the other way around.

  6. i like the dress, but she shouldv gone minus the clutch.. also earrings seem to be the same she wore on the star screen awards.

  7. Why does Minisha always have this stiff look to her face. its so distracting. As for me, personally, i am not a fan of this dress. Screams 5 y o has a birthday party.

  8. Honestly, Minissha looks better when she’s wearing simple make-up and clothing. Perhaps it’s just because the first movie of her’s I saw, and loved her in, was Yahaan, and she was just a nice girl-next-door. Nowadays, she just looks weird to me all the time. :-/

  9. Decent dress.. but what seems to be a whole size bigger than what she must put on..
    Wrong make-up and hair, wrong accessories, wrong pose and body language with that colour and style of the dress..
    What’s with ppl choosing a particular dress, a look and an occasion and bring them together when they all should be mutually exclusive!! First Genelia and her LV.. then Ash and the boots.. and now this.. SIGHxxx

  10. Honestly,I think there are very few of our actresses who actually wear something for the “fun” factor, or because they actually love the outfit. They always look either intensely uncomfortable or pose-y, letting the outfit wear them, not the other way round.

    Maybe it’s because there’s been a sudden glut of international brands and designs in India lately, so everyone is rushing to wear stuff that they aren’t conditioned to, but have to, because being seen in a dress or gown, however inappropriate, is in. I don’t know, just what I feel 🙂

  11. This is one huuuge bit fat NOT QUITE for me.

    Is it just me, or are other people also wondering how this lady made it into the glamour world? Don’t get me wrong, she is very attractive. But she just lacks oomph and she tries so hard to fake it.

  12. Oh Minissha, Minissha, Minissha…classic petite girl mistakes. The dress should be shorter if you want to make those booties work with it. Failing that, you gotta go with different shoes.
    And gladiators which don’t fit? When you already have all this volume with the sleeves? Tsk tsk.
    Being petite myself, I can sympathize.


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