Served Two Ways

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Seen first in a blue version, Ms. Lamba picked a different variation of the basic design pattern for her appearance at the Filmfare awards. Question is, which version do you prefer? The blue or the hot pink?

P.S. The gowns are by Meher and Riddhima. Thanks ‘hitukk’.


Minissha Lamba
Left: Dubai Film Festival
Right: 55th Idea Filmfare Awards 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Yes these dresses are by Dubai based designers, Meher Mirchandani and Riddhima Whabi from their lable Meher & Riddhima.

      In Mumbai they are stocked at Muse, I own a piece and it is fabulous.

    • I LOVE the color combinations. i think its very unique, usually with this colour palette its very hard to put them together, but Meher and Riddhima has done it!

    • I LOVE the color combinations!!

      I think its very unique, usually with this colour palette its very hard to put them together, but Meher and Riddhima has done it!

    • I LOVE IT….. It’s very unique and different. Usually with this colour palette its really hard to put them together, but Meher and Riddhima has done it!!

      • Yes I agree, they are beautiful . Are they available in India? I would love to get my hands on one of these high fashion gowns and would gift Minissha a good pair of Gusippe Zanotti or Gucci sandals. Thats the perfect footwear for these gowns.

  1. shes a pretty girl,is this the best she can do,awful and dull!!
    of all the beautiful clothes ,bollywood manages to find the tackiest,again and again…!!

  2. they are both competing against the other when it comes to be ugly. Just when you decide one wins, the other screams FUGLY, vicious circle I tell you !

  3. I swear my cousin was trying to get her five year old daughter to wear a dress that was very, very similiar to this (but not floor length) to a birthday party the other day, and the kid flat out. Now if only Minisha had as much style sense as my baby niece!!!

  4. LOVE the silhouette of both gowns… it reminds me of an under water theme for some reason.
    I actually like these gowns. They are fun and different…
    She looks gorgeous.

  5. Oh no MY EYES MY EYES!!!!!!

    What is she wearing?!! More importantly, WHY is she wearing that?!

    And it’s an absolute pity she doesn’t dress up that well usually, cos she has a good body and a GORGEOUS face!

  6. Bad… Why oh why do all these celebrities in a need to wear soemthing different go for such weird designs… get your basic dresses / outfits and get the accessories, makeup, hair right and there you are….

  7. ugh. i would love both the colors if they were solid colored gowns and didn’t have those tacky, little-girly flowers on them!

  8. very tacky…i happened to be in the same elevator as her the other day- she has exquisite skin, not a spot in sight…these dresses do no justice at all!

  9. Both the dresses are wonderful! I have seen their collection at Muse in bbay and they are fantastic. I prefer the Blue gown out of the two. She is looking really pretty in those dresses! Great designs!

  10. I love both the dresses. It really looks nice on her, though if I have to choose, probably the blue gown stands out more. I have seen these designers in Muse in bby and their collections seems nice. She is glowing. Great Designs!


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