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For her two recent appearances, Mini sure didn’t shy away from color. But it was only one look that worked (relatively) and it wasn’t the appearance in Wendell Rodricks gown. Perhaps with a different do, strappy heels, a clutch that didn’t disappear into the dress and no necklace, the look could’ve stood a chance. As it was though, not our favorite!

Mini Mathur At The Stylista Party And At Gulaab Gang Premiere

Mini Mathur
Left, centre: At Gulaab Gang Premiere
Right: At The Stylista Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I don’t agree with your comments… I actually really like Mini in that pink chikan Kurta. She looks smashingly radiant.
    Why does fashion always have to be gasp inspiring n complicated? Does a simple outfit, well worn for an occasion not cut it?

  2. The final look which is the worst of the day today.
    1st: PC Sorcar jacket meets tween’s shimmery pink birthday packaging paper meets Egyptian harem dancer’s pant on a grown up women who has the cheek to step out in public and smile through it too!!

    2nd: Popcorns threaded together to form a necklace and craft paper from a toddler’s craft book tacked to form some tent. Good attempt at a fancy dress party. Sadly we are not handing you a prize. Just GO PLEASE!!

    • Whoa. This is a forum to discuss fashion… Not be witty at other people’s expense. Thats a strong angsty review. You must be a vogue model then….


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