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Mini Mathur attended perhaps one of the most anticipated shows at LFW always, the Gen Next presentation wearing a denim sari from Aaylixir, one of the ‘Gen Next’ designers/labels. Pairing the denim linen sari with distressed denims and strappy flats, she finished out her look with a saddle bag. What are fashion weeks for if not to take fashion risks?!

Mini Mathur In Aaylixir At Lakme Fashion Week Summer:Resort 2016

Mini Mathur At Lakme Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I don’t think she looks bad, but it’s not my cup of tea. Would be surprised if I see a non celebrity wear it out and about. This look may not be worn anywhere except for a fashion event. Just saying.

  2. Scrolling down the blog, I was like … wow Mini in a saree, that is awesome. But alas, I saw the jeans and it was a sad sight … Fashion risks, ok fine… but this one is a big no-no for me….

  3. I just have to ask to “Why?” They might be “in” or whatever, but distressed jeans are crass.. dont wear them if your graduated high school before 2010.. seriously…

  4. What would you call this (select any of the following options):
    1. Fashion Weak
    2. Epic Fail
    3. Utterly crackers
    4. What were you thinking
    5. All of the above

  5. Weirdly enough I like it! It’s probably more the fact that she’s laughing in all the photos – makes it seem like she felt good in it! That’s what fashion’s REALLY about now right?!

  6. Okay, so is it not enough she’s wearing a denim-linen sari? Why the distressed denim to underline the point. It’s just so unnecessary. This is ridiculous even for fashion week.

  7. Fashion is meant to make one feel and look good with or without taking risk. Don’t see that happening in any form!
    This is only front view ,God only knows what a horrific view it will be from the back. Not that I am any interested in viewing that. 😛

  8. i love her sense of adventure! Yes its a totally whacky outfit, but its fashion week and if not here then where would she wear something so crazy? The main thing is that despite the bizarre zany combination, she is carrying it off…and smiling! I like the fact that she is making it look fab and looking beautiful.

  9. P&P, it’s great that you aren’t overly critical like you used to be in your early days, but please don’t stop calling a spade a spade. This outfit is just ridiculous!

  10. Love her smile – lets leave it at that! I am all for pushing the boat out but this is more stranded canoe without a paddle. The strappy flats don’t work either but once you get past the distressed denim nothing is a surprise any more. I do appreciate her risk taking but this outfit is not for me.

  11. It just look so unnecessary…! It’s not adding anything to the look. I understand fashion evolves with time,but this I s such an unsuccessful desperate attempt of doing that.
    What if I wear a choli and wear shorts under it and take a dupatta and have high heels on one foot and a sneaker on another. That’s not fashion.
    I am sort of disappointed and sad..


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