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We’ve had some reservations that Mini doesn’t do western-wear as good as she does saris.

Tonight at the Femina Awards, she proved otherwise. We did have a bit of an issue with the clutch and the pumps, would’ve preferred them to be more subtle but nevertheless, she looked pretty darn good!


Mini Mathur At L’oreal Femina Women Awards 2013

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  1. Mini looks HOT. Glad she is changing it up. This is one woman who can wear her sarees beautifully & yet hold a western look so well. Go girl.

  2. Mini looks effortless in her saris and in pictures I’ve seen of her in Maria’s blog, wearing western outfits. Here she looks like another one of the Bollywood clones. Ditch the stylist and do your own thing Mini! You look fabulous when you do.


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