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Wearing a lovely green and black silk sari, Mini attended an awards event last evening in Mumbai. With her hair pulled back in to a ponytail, she rounded out her look with gold-toned earrings and a black clutch.

The blouse and drape might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I think she made every bit of it work for her. She looked nice.

Mini Mathur At IIFA Awards 2019

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Please don’t encourage this madness. I can’t call it downright sleazy but it’s making me angry. The 90% Hema Malini and 10% Helen styling is throwing me off.

  2. I love that saree…I want it!! blouse is a bit in your face, the drape is to show off the blouse. Wish she had kept the blouse for a sheer saree and draped this one better. The saree deserved a better drape.

  3. Wish the saree was draped better… However, I will take this muted, understated look any day over the other green carpet monstrosities. The IIFA event is a style tackfest of sorts!

  4. i certainly don’t mind the blouse but there’s this itch to hitch up the pallu over the chest! the blouse isn’t anything particularly noteworthy so this drape doesn’t really make sense.
    gorgeous saree tho

  5. Calling almost every saree look “made it work” or “looked great” is just making you look oh so biased!! This was a bad bad look on Mini.. nothing worked in this.

  6. The blouse is not noteworthy enough to how it off..just a plain one with a deep front.
    The Saree is draped so clumsily to showoff the blouse especially around the front and shoulder .
    While the color is good, the overall blackness around and add the clumsy drape it make it depressing to look at.
    Mini Can Do Better

  7. I am loving that saree beautiful colour. and she is looking great amonst all. Deepika Padukone seriously gone from best to something over the board i think she is getting inspired with Hubby Ranveer Singh:)

  8. The sari is pretty. Nothing exceptional though. What is so great about the blouse that she had to drape it so sloppily? Usually she drapes saris really well and is classier than this.

  9. Not a fan of the drape – but this is such a palate cleanser after the atrocious looks that walked the red carpet at IIFA. What happened to this year??!!

  10. Everything was just right… the saree, the blouse, the clutch, the make up, the hair… and then she ruined it with that stupid half boob drape. Really? And how does the pallu stay so non-chalantly close to falling and yet is in place (if you can call it that!) Love the valentino rockstud clutch adds an edgy touch to the saree.


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