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Mindy looked pretty darn great in her Edition by Georges Chakra gown at the Emmys. Hair and make-up complemented the gown perfectly and, the gown’s jewel toned color on her… An absolute winner! We like.


Mindy Kaling At 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Photo Credit: Daylife

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  1. I think Mindy can do much much better. I hate the detail at the neck n the fit around the belly – man I see the impression of her navel that’s just a no-no.
    Not impressed with her hair either.
    Her team cud’ve done a lot btr, they just let her down!

  2. love mindy kaling but hate this dress on her. it’s too tight and unflattering especially around the waist.. sad to say but gives her an eggplant appearance.

  3. nonononono! as my toddler would say. That neckline is plain ugly. The sleeves are such a matronly length. The bust fit is off. She needed more colour on her face. And some jewellery.

  4. What is this? When will they ever learn to wear clothes for their body type and not such fitted clothes? Anyway, P&P will always be very kind to the ones who are in the league of Avantika. lol. But it’s not like you are kind to the skinnier ones. For sure i miss the old P&P and their little cheeky comments 😛

  5. Love Mindy and have seen her rocking her looks way better than this elsewhere. The hair flattens the top of her head and makes her face look square and flat.

  6. Nothing about this look works. Not the color, not the cut/shape, not the size, not the outfit, make-up, hair, or jewelry. This is a red carpet disaster.


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