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Spotted Michelle looking angelic in a Manish Arora dress in Angeleno magazine’s Jan 2011 edition. The white dress takes us back to the time when Ira and Sonam were sporting multiple Manish Arora outfits during Aisha promotions and had us lusting for them.

Perhaps it’s a good thing then that the online store (yep, you heard that right!!!) launched now and not then. It saved us from some serious impulse shopping. Except, we’re still lusting for this dress. Quick, someone hide our wallet!

Michelle Williams in Angeleno Magazine Jan 2011

Left: Sonam Kapoor at Aisha Screening
Right: Manish Arora White Sequence Dress ( Buy )


  1. Love the monochromatic palette that MW has.The ivory suits her coloring, and the texture picks up the blond in her hair. I love the outfit on her. Sonam wears it all wrong. The pink lipstick, the fuchsia shoes….the french would say “affreuse!”


  2. I have so much love for Michelle Williams. She manages to be adorable and sultry at the same time. The MA dress is very cute, and not as out there as his other stuff, which is refreshing, even though I love his crazy vision.


  3. Michelle should have gotten M.Arora to dress her for the globes…the daisy mess she was wearing is still giving me nightmares. Anyway its not too late for the oscars..we can only hope.




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