Mezmerizing Mermaids

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Who rocked the form-fitting bodices and flared bottoms style gown better? Deepika Padukone in Gauri and Nainika or Jennifer Garner in Oscar de la Renta?

Deepika Padukone @ Filmfare Bash at Bling

Jennifer Garner @ Oscars 2008

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  1. I think both look good. But Jennifer defi wins.

    I think there are too many textures on the top part of the gown before we get to the flared bottoms (on Deepika’s), and black is definitely a better color.

  2. hi, can you do a post on Springfield casual wear from Spain, there was a launch recently at Gurgaon, where nach baliye winners Aamir n Sanjeeda did a salsa for the store launch, i can give u dope or picture, whatever you want?


  3. Deepika’s is more mermaidee while Jen’s is classic. Deepika’s is too much on the top as well as the bottom…it should’ve been one or the other.

  4. in earlier posts i saw the same dress
    praising gauri n nainika r getting better by every season…..this is d difference btwn good n bad design…..oscar pay my rents exotic Spanish style in a shirred and ruffled gown cant be compared in b4 that senseless gown……they were trying to get 1986 gaultiers ruffled fishtail with quilts….couldn’t get it better baby………..


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