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We have seen a lot cringe-worthy ‘animal-print’ clothes on celebs, and after seeing Divya Dutta at the Society Interior Awards, we reached our saturation point and hoped that’d be it for a while…

But guess what we spotted Ayesha Takia in, right before the De Talli music launch?? You know it.

Divya Dutta
Ayesha Takia

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  1. i fail to understand dat y ayesha loves wearing skin hugging cothes ?
    her body structure is not fit for it !
    same goes 4 divya …….

  2. Divya…oh dear, if she couldn’t act as well as she does…

    Btw, from what it looks like, animal print is a strict no-no! not many can pull it off! But i did like the animal print heels, with a black dress. You posted that up in one of your previous posts.
    but i think that’s as far as i would go.

    and agree with Kannu, why does Ayesha wear such figure hugging things? Although i wouldn’t mind having her size chest. actually, i would. her choice of clothing gets restricted. not that she seems to adhere to that

  3. Wow they both look bad

    Although I like Ayesha’s figure, its very common to have a curvy body with big chest, this shirt does nothing for her and the jeans look like she’s been in them for a few days.

  4. Hey P&P I was wondering, don’t they have stylists in India?

    Anyway, they’re both like B-Listers- this is the only way they even get attention.

  5. Why Oh why??!! does Ayesha tries to be sporty, girly,cute, sexy, gothic n chic…….all at the same time!!! I get dizyy…….

  6. Ayesha is so double standards….she bash the media that I am a sati savitri….I dont do this n I dont show…yet her hair length is designed in way that it goes over her boobs n just end there. On top of that her top is skin tight….so I thought this is not what she wants but yets she does it ?

    She knows she has big boobs….what a better way to flaunt n get attention yet bash the media…hmm that explains our celebs !

  7. yep totally agree wid ya…me thinks shes cute….kk u r jus puttin up pics in which she doesnt look good that doesnt mean shes all bad..n vais ebhi this site is fuul of celebrites who made some dreesin blunder n ppl cauth that put that on blog so that othes can bitch bout….lolzz…

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