In Twos- Part Deux!


These ladies might have worn similar colored dresses to the recent launch, but that’s about all that their looks had in common.

Mehr stuck to her usual no-fuss style. Simple silhouette, minimal accessories, barely-there make-up and hair worn loose. In sharp contrast, Kalyani added multiple gold necklaces to her dress (a Halston Heritage). Red lips, a gold cross-body bag and hair also worn loose completed her look.

It’s been a while since we last saw Ms. Chawla do a look like this… We like!

Kalyani Chawla (Left) And Mehr Jessia Rampal At Mozez Singh’s Mughal Pop Collection Launch At Good Earth

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Kalyani looks a tad bit overdone. The make-up, barring the lipstick, doesn’t do it for me. She looks too oily-shiny for my liking.

    Ms. Mehr, is very Ms-Mehr-esque :) understated chic!

    I came to this blog whilst routine browsing for style blogs. I was just about lamenting that there isn’t a GFY-style blog for the Indian scene, and here you are! Can’t believe I didn’t know about you! Now, I’m hooked!


  2. Maybe Kalyani is looking a overdone coz shez next to Mehr.. but me thinks the look is fine.. Don’t think Mehr can look bad..but so wish that she would just put on some jewelry & do the hair neatly even if she doesn’t want any make-up..


  3. Much prefer Mehr’s understated look to blingy shiny Kalyani. Only wish she’d taken a little trouble with her hair, and added a teeny bit of eye make-up.




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