1. It looks like someone took a black bedsheet and wrapped it around randomly pinning it here and there. And I bet it being a LV she spent good money for this. Bleh.

  2. I think she looks lovely and very age appropriate… Unlike some starlet she hasn’t gone all out to accessorize the already textured and draped dress…

    The woman has class and doesn’t need to wear flashy shoes and carry “it” bags to complement her look.

    • totaly totally agree with u! i wud love to see mehr do ‘edgy’, but im glad he does ‘classy’ like no other. somebody like anusha dandekar, soniya mehra or shruthi hassan would have worn this dress with a little oomph, but the way mehr does it is not shabby at all!

  3. the dress is hot
    but only when worn correctly
    some platforms
    with an edgy clutch and hairstyle would have looked much better
    i prefer the runway style better


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