Meet Our New Team Member, Shruti

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As our ten year anniversary comes up, you may have noticed some changes around here. After all these years, we are now more certain than ever of who we want to be, who we are and what our voice is. And that naturally has involved us evolving, growing with time, with you and with the ever changing fashion scene. Not too long ago we said that part of us staying as passioned and to you as relevant, involved change. And that is something we are continuing to work on.

As we work on bringing you better, more relevant content, we are also expanding the team. And we are thrilled to introduce Shruti Chaturvedula, our newest writer on the blog. She too calls herself a member of the ‘Vintage Member Club’ of HHC and has been reading us since the days of Anu Dewan and her many colorful Birkins. Fellow bags and shoes hoarder, compulsive list-maker and a scotch drinker, she’s a girl after our own hearts.

On the blog, you will see her cover menswear and South-Indian fashion scene. And as the days go by we hope you enjoy the unique voice she brings to the blog. (You may recall already reading many of her posts under the name ‘HHC Intern’.) Shruti may have started off as an intern but is now an indispensable part of the team.

Join us in welcoming her on board.

We asked her a few questions so you guys can get to know her.

Where were you before this?
A Product Manager at my day job, a full time mommy to my new baby.

What has it been like moving to the US from India?
Culture Shock! As a teen who joined high school after spending all of my schooling years in India, it was a totally different world altogether. Now after more than a decade and a half and with almost the entire extended family here, it’s home and there’s nowhere else I’d rather live.?

What do you love most about Nebraska?
The fact that there are seasons here. Living in Texas and Oklahoma before I moved here, didn’t get to experience a proper American winter and Nebraska has given me a chance to break out all the faux fur without people looking at me with puzzled expressions.

A fashion word you dislike?
“Basic” – There is nothing wrong with sticking to a staple if you know it works for you.

Are you a pajamas-when-I-write kinda gal or do you like to dress up to get into the flow?
Pajamas FTW! But lately after the baby, I’ll take any excuse to dress up.?

Any trend from the recent fashion weeks that you are going to try this season?
I try not to go overboard with buying trendy pieces but I find myself getting drawn to statement sleeves, the color yellow and stripes every time I shop lately.?

Last thing you do before going to bed?
Turn off the lights and double, triple check the phone to ensure that it’s not on silent mode and my five different alarms are all turned on. (I’ve a reputation of being a serial snoozer!) Mentally check off the never ending list of to-dos and pray that I fall asleep soon!

P.S: Follow Shruti on Instagram here.

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  1. Welcome Shruti.. and I’m also totally drawn to yellow these days ( so much that I had to google it to see if there was some psychological connection) … stripes are my all time fave (you can never go wrong with stripes, right?) , love ruffles, frills , laces and statement sleeves.. we do have a lot in common! Look forward to reading your take on fashion


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