Meet Malaika Bebe-Arora-Choo-Khan

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If anyone from Bebe is reading this blog, YOU have a brand ambassador in Ms. Malaika Arora Khan. This time, Malaika paired a Bebe Silk top with black capris. She stuck to gold accessories, but this time around, the watch is gold too! (Looks like she read my last post!)

For more pics, go here

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Speaking of the clutch, Malaika really loves her Jimmy Choo Tayten Clutch. Don’t blame her. Just want to get my hands on one!

It’s a bummer though…the gold Taytan isn’t available anymore. But I did find this Choo Ciggy pretty tempting!

Buy via Jimmy Choo

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  1. So, the Jimmy Choo bag is really stylish, luckily for Malaika she is not a Hollywood celebrity, cause I don’t think one of them would be caught dead carrying the same bag @ 4 diff events. 🙂

  2. […] 2000$ !!! As for the Bebe top, just as we were beginning to wonder at the lack of Bebe sightings (again, again, and again) there she is! Sure doesn’t disappoint […]


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