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Masaba attended the OTT Play awards on Saturday evening wearing a cream strapless dress featuring a white corset. Not only did the two shades look jarring against each other, the dress design itself was just terrible. We’ve seen her do way better.

Masaba Gupta

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Masaba was styled so well in Masaba Masaba Season 2. She has gorgeous skin and features and a rare hourglass figure. The styling on the show enhanced all of her natural gifts. Perhaps she could take notes from the stylist’s work for her.

  2. I don’t what’s worse the outfit or the audacity to choose this hideous looking gown out of all the wide range of glamorous options available?! Being a designer herself this is what she chose to wear just baffles me.

  3. God awful! The off white/cream color juxtaposed with the white of the main dress ( on the torso) reminds me of ads which show ‘ washed with ordinary detergent Vs. washed with Surf Excel ‘ – no redeeming feature in this dress!

  4. Love her sass but frankly even the clothes she make are pretty hideous. Recently checked them out at a store and was gobsmacked at the poor quality of fabric, forget the designs.


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