1. You guys need to title all Masaba posts as ‘stuck in a rut’ which seems to be the case everytime she makes an appearance in the same styled clothes and the same orange pumps that we’ve seen over, and over, and over again. Enough of the tackiness.

  2. How does she get it right (almost) everytime? She tries out combinations of colours which may sound so off on the colour chart but work wonderfully on her! I wish I could do this. She is def one of my fav younger artists that the Manish Malhotras have to watch out for.
    P&P any chance of you interviewing her??

  3. I get where she was going w/ the color blocking but sigh it falls flat! would like to see her in some desi wear…or from a design from her own collections which actually have a fair amt of color blocking too ..she needs to change the focus of her dressing from her broad shoulders and that pose that actually accentuates her broad frame…

  4. The color of the shoes is the only good thing. A bit of favoratism going on here???
    The dress is horrible. And she seems to wear the same style, atleast waist up – which IMO does not look ood at all. Maybe she should experiment with sleeves sometimes.


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