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Manju also attended the inauguration of the five Kalyan Jewellers store in Kerala on Sunday donning a more traditional look in a kasavu sari with a pink blouse providing a pop of color against the cream and gold sari.

Given the blouse, I wish she hadn’t carried the turquise bag as well but that’s a small gripe.

She looked lovely.


Manju Warrier at Kalyan Jewellers Store Launch

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. Beautiful sari. The jewelry matches the traditional look. I like how appropriately the sari is worn. Looks so elegant. Glad the half boob show from bollywood is not popular in the south!

  2. Gossshhhh…so beautiful! Having just seen the horrible Vogue and GQ covers post, this post is a sight for sore eyes! It’s a lot of gold but something about these type of saris makes the end effect look so very elegant and ties it all together. Loved this look from head to toe.

    I think the Kerala sari and the traditional Bengali white, gold, red combos sari – apologies f that’s not the right way to refer to them – represent some of the best ‘looks’ we have in India. One would have to try very hard to look bad in such saris 🙂

  3. Sari is beautiful though I cant stop myself on commenting on the ironing (or the lack of it)! I might be a little bit finicky about it though 😀

  4. Yay u considered my request P&P (elated O:) n now fainted)
    The turqouise bag is coz she was wearing another outfit on the helicopter which matched it. I luv the whole look; traditional saree, Jasmine flowers Classic jewellery and love that gorgeous smile.

  5. P & P, this a two piece set colloquially called the mundu veshti or the setu mundu with no pleats on the front -just a broad gold colour silk bar towards the right. On the other hand, a Kerala sari is on the traditional lines of a regular sari with pleats but with the gold only on the front pleat borders and bottom of the sari.

  6. Agree with others, this is called Set mundu with two pieces and not a sari. She looks nice but again the white washing done makes it cheap. Saw the pics elsewhere where the makeup ruins it all.


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