From Runway To Store Launch

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At Kenzo’s store launch, Mandira and Tara made an appearance in gowns from Kenzo’s Spring 2008 collection. Diggin either or neither?

Left: Kenzo, Spring 2008
Right: Mandira Bedi, Kenzo Store Launch

Left: Kenzo, Spring 2008
Right: Tara Sharma, Kenzo Store Launch

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  1. Ritu, Kenzo is still popular…since it does not have an easily recognisable design sense…like a logo etc you may not recognise some of the peoples outfits.
    Mandira does not look good in it tho

  2. Am pretty familiar with Kenzo but who is designing it since LVMH bought it way back in the late 90s. Again my qs who is wearing it? The Japanese certainly don’t. It has a very limited resort wear appeal in any case. The frangrance is doing well but not sure how successful the transition to homeware was. P&P what do you guys think? Last I heard, Kenzo was selling his house in Paris.

  3. Some guy called Gilles Roseir – he has been designing the womens label since 1999, LVMH does not buy a brand unless they are dead sure that it will work, possibly the idea is not to buy a Japanese brand, but a French brand – as it now is…

  4. I think Mandira’s hairstyle is not doing her any favors at all !! 🙁 She might have looked so much better in that dress with longer hair or even a a different hair style…

  5. Mandira –
    I think the material of her gown is different. Whereas on the model (on whom its a gorgeous gown) the material seems very breezy, on Madira’s it looks like a heavier silk. Paired with Mandira’s dated hair, she just looks old in it. Also Mandira’s next is not as long as the models (naturally) so the black halter should have been adjusted on her, it looks like a turtleneck!

    Tara – Tara’s dress also looks like its of a different material. The model’s piece has vinyl looking detail which gives it an edge and makes the flowers stand out more…Tara’s is obviously just cloth and looks “blah”, like a cheap ripoff. Also the HAIR, its like Prom ’97!


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