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Recently turned sari designer, Ms. Bedi launched her store with close friends and celebs attending. Of the ladies below who donned a sari, got a favorite?

P.S. We’re not sure if others are wearing Mandira’s design.

P.P.S. Zoom in to catch the fish weave on Mini’s pallu and moustache one on Maria’s.


Mandira Bedi, Mini Mathur, Sophie Choudry and Maria Goretti at Mandira Bedi’s Store Launch

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Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Maria looks scary with that make-up. She finished up her foundation at one go I guess. Eeks. Mini has way too many accessories. And those blue shoes don’t go well with her Sari. Too bad, usually she wears her saris pretty well. Wish Sophie wore a different blouse. Mandira kinda looks nice even with that string blouse.

  2. Phew. What a varied lot. Mini looks the best here easily.. Her saree is outstanding even if it’s a little messy from the bottom in the second pic.
    Sophie’s saree is hideous. Maria looks strangely put together. Mandira is.. Well Mandira. Yawn.

  3. Long time fan of Mandira’s – loved this and a previous look of her own design – wish her the best. And did the others wear strappy blouses in solidarity?! Kind of like the minimalist look compared to the Vidya Balan / Aish retro blouses.

  4. Not digging on Maria’s make up & Sophie looks too filmy..where does mini and maria buy their sarees from??I would love to raid their closets and steal those sarees.

  5. Well I like Mandira the most,
    Mini and Maria are lovely, I like the choice of handloom with fun,fish and moustache,
    As for Maria ,looking so white, girls, its the case of too much white flash , while taking a photo, happens sometimes.
    Sophie looks filmy.
    Its nice to see our women in drapes.

  6. Mini Mathur is my fav here although i wish she wore a proper blouse. Her bindi and accessories take this saree up a notch. Maria comes second although i am not a fan of the make up at all. Sophie is in a nice saree but the blouse screwed it up.

  7. I am a great believer of the KISS mantra. thats why i think, u ppl should start a tutorial post “how not to ruin ” appearances . This pic will be the right introduction for the post, as it explains about ruining a look with
    a) bad makeup
    b) bad blouse designs
    c) bad accessories


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