Another Day, Another Louis Spotting

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Another monogrammed monstrosity spotted.

Mansi Scott

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  1. how, how, how can someone who’s not A-list afford multiple LVs? (i’ll bury my green side in the thought that this is pretty hideous)

  2. how does one accumulate that much brown? and even if tragically one were to accumulate that much brown why in gods name would one choose to wear it all at the same time?

    p.s. is she related to that koppikar girl? they look the same no?

  3. hey gav see what you mean…love her style and those new diesel boots just rock…will keep a look out for the…by the way her new shoot with jatin kampani rocks

  4. Hey rjperky,
    It is reallly funny to see that you are addressing to another person on a comment that has not even been approved and made visible… 😉


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