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If you’ve been following Ms. Sherawat on Twitter, you know she is busy shooting for next movie, ‘Love, Barack’, and while on the sets, we spotted her wearing another BCBG top. We just hope she doesn’t wear this on screen because we definitely do not approve of the white cami under the blue tunic! (Oh, and definitely swap the denims out for tights, while you are at it!)


Left: Mallika Sherawat on ‘Love, Barack’ Sets
Right: BCBG Winter Tropical Tunic

Photo Credit: Twitter


  1. This shirt falls so much better on the model, i almost thought Mallika was wearing a different style in the same print ! for starters its just too darn tight for her.. why cant she purchase a size bigger? wearing one size larger, drapey, loose-flowing tunics is all the rage here in Australia.. atleast looks a lot sexier than this ill-fiited kurti0style thing Mallika is wearing !


  2. I really don’t understand with the trend of celebs pushing their boob/boobs in your face.Anyways this was so expected from Mallika .Still the recent in your face anatomy (by Mrs Hurley Nayar) has left me screaming at the sight of any pair or curves .


  3. Agree that the dress is too much of a slim fit for it to work for her curves. Looks like she’s wearing a nude coloured bandeau underneath, which quite tackily highlights her boobs. Terrible. But then again what did we expect from her, her appearances have always been “in your face,” never sensual.




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