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Remember those Aisha days…? Well, just in case you were having withdrawal…

We kid. We kid. But, this still from Mallika’s Double Dhamaal brought us an Aisha flashback and what kind of people would we be if we didn’t share?

Left: Sonam Kapoor in Aisha
Right: Mallika Sherawat in Double Dhamaal

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  1. I almost did not recognize mallika. Are you saying the dress is from the same designer ? Other than the colour, i see no similarities.

  2. I’ve been tryna figure what mallika had done lately as she keeps looking so gorgeous..n it just hit me that its the HAIR! oh what a world of difference it makes. she looks young, sexy, sophisticated, classy n other similar synonyms that i cant think of, all at the same time. go MALLIKA!

      • i can’t help but smile whenever i hear vintage in association with victor costa.
        He was called the king of copycats … he stole (or was ‘inspired’) from every major European designer ….. Can something that was copied be truly called a vintage ?

        That aside, how nice does mallika look when she doesn’t shove her assets in our face .. very pretty …. she should hire whoever styled this look.

        • Although i agree that Victor Costa’s design’s are not originals…but on the other hand who’s are? Every designer takes inspiration from somewhere and fashion tends to recycle and repeat constantly.

          For something to be vintage, i personally don’t think it needs to be associated with a specific designer or a brand. I don’t know about others, but for me vintage is about an item that is part of history, a specific time gone by…it could be a designer piece or something from an unknown brand, or even from a high-street chain…its the oldness and ‘once was’ factor 🙂

  3. Mallika gets my vote. She has the potentiall to do so much better. There’s nothing new about Sonam, she always go with the catalogue styling.

      • If they like Sonam I don’t see why can’t they find any excuse to put her. I don’t see why P&P have to justify liking someone….they like her so they like her and feature her. And I don’t see why some people will always have to taunt them about it!! Since when liking someone or their style is a crime?

        • Awwww AISHA! The movie was super cute and sweet. Haha I was having withdrawal from movies and entertainment in general after Aisha, miss those days and Sonam appearances – she is so gorgeous! Haha I would too find any excuse to talk about Sonam and her style 😛

  4. I don’t see any other similarity except of the color of the gowns. and of course Malika looks way better than Sonam, although Sonam is my favourite!


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