Mellow Yellow?

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As much as I love a black/yellow combo, this ruffled gown isn’t a favorite. I feel like someone took the upper part of a satin cocktail dress and the lower one of a day dress and combined them together to create this look except it isn’t coming together. The criss-cross detail is too fierce for the chiffon ruffles.

P.S. If you are wondering why there is a snake around her neck, it was because she was promoting her upcoming movie ‘Hisss’ in which she plays a snake woman who takes on human form.


Mallika Sherawat at Cannes 2010: ‘Hisss’ Photocall

Photo Credit: Wireimage

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  1. i love the summery floaty look of the bottom part but it doesn’t go with the top bit. mallika does have a good figure and the yellow looks nice against her skin. regarding the snake, it all reminds me of the nagin movies of the 80s. I’m sure there’s a nagin dance in the movie as well. I hope she does better films in the future.

    • Yeah, outfit is great. Wish she had gone for a ‘ lime green’ snake instead of a brown stripy one with this outfit. Would have perfectly offset the black and very summery like the yellow bottom of the dress.


      Mallika, next promo appearances, please coordinate your snakes with the outfits. LOL.

  2. “plays a snake woman who takes on human form”? Hollywood remake of Nagina? haha. I’d love to see that.

    I love the soft sunshiny yellow and the delicate fabric, but the formless cut killed it. Don’t like the criss-cross detail either.
    Btw, her frozen expression is still funny to me.

  3. don’t like..but one has to admit..mallika looks so much more subtle this time around…like none of her dresses are in your face…its refreshing to see her pull it down a couple o notches…

  4. i love the bottom part of the dress, looks like mallika has lost some weight, she’s looking good in comparison to some of the disasters she has worn in the past… a solid improvement!

  5. OMG .. this is hideous !!i completely agree with Tara ..
    I hate this dress .. from all the dresses in the world THIS !! ..

  6. MS is growing on me… she’s so adorable with her enthusiastic smile and her sense of quirkiness. The snake coiled around her neck seems to suit her personality somehow.

    Im glad she’s dropped the tacky sex symbol image (remember the Inglorious Basterds premiere outfit?) and hope she doesn’t revert back to it once Cannes is done

  7. C’mon that’s a lovely dress! The smile though continues to bother me. I have seen other pics of her from the same photocall where she was laughing and looked gorgeous.

  8. The top part looks interesting with its criss cross straps, but the bottom is a failure. That must a plastic snake around her neck…she probably wouldn’t look so much at ease had it been real. Getting tired of that fixed smile…too contrived and posed.

  9. I like this look-would have preferred if the entire dress was yellow like the bottom part.. would be perfect .. I give her far higher marks than Ash, she has overall done a better job given the difference in resources at Ash’s and her disposal

  10. @ Hema: Since I was there I can assure you it was a real snake and she even handled bigger ones during that photo call. That woman is completely fearless and so knows how to make any dress work.


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