In Toni Maticevski

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Malaika filmed an episode of a television show wearing Toni Maticevski. With her hair in a soft updo, she rounded out the look with matching Sophia Webster sandals. She did good!

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Malaika Arora On Dance India Dance Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This is a good, polished look which is appropriate for women in 40’s and above compared to the teeny little floral frock she wore in the earlier post, which is apt for teenagers. Same rules apply for men. #equality

      • Looks like a kids clothes wearing grownup has triggered. You need not worry, I don’t criticize regular folks, because they are not getting the perks and privileges of the celebs. Regular people have all the freedom to wear whatever they want. I only criticize attention seeking celebs, that too the younger lot.

    • Your opinion is great. But I have a question, which always baffles me with age limits on dresses. If some dresses are appropriate and some others not for a certain age, how do you start to draw the boundaries? At what age will this become inappropriate? 50? 55? 57? 60? The subjective nature of this baffles me.

      I would say, let’s let anyone wear what they want. You won’t wear the same thing to a wedding and to a club. Sometimes the appropriateness comes from how you feel and how your clothes make you feel. Let us not be quick to judge!

      • It’s the silhouette that makes the difference. She was wearing a black dotted short dress in her other previous post, that dress can be worn by 40 plus and above women, that was a good look. But the red floral dress had frock like silhouette with it’s cut and flare, which suits kids and teenagers.

        • And who made these rules ?? About what a woman in her 40 s or 50s should wear ?? You ????
          Well I wear shorts and rompers and I am 43 ..
          Sue me
          I know this sounds harsh but only women who can never wear these kinda clothes talks about all these rules . Just a case of sour grapes

      • Erm, I don’t think that’s what this blog stands for. If you read this blog from it’s initial years, P&P used to be blunt and very critical of celebs dressing. I learnt all this from reading this blog. I was pretty innocent before.

  2. Of course there’s something called age sensitivity… Though “ageist” is a new word for that…
    None of us would wear something we wore in high school today because, well we’re not 16 any more.
    People in the public domain have put themselves at the risk of public critique… That’s part of their world… So nothing wrong with having an opinion about someone’s attire. And this blog wouldn’t exist if there could be no opinion!

  3. Love the skirt and top. she looks delish. I agree.. her body, her clothes. if she looks foolish, then its her choice. Not my place to judge what she should wear… but I sure can have an opinion (not that she should care) on how she looks.

  4. I am very curious to know what folks here think of Reese Witherspoon’s sense of dressing – she is also 40+, but her short, flared skater dresses seem to be her go-to outfits. Do you find her inappropriately dressed ‘for her age’ too? Genuine question!


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