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Malaika taped for a TV show on Monday wearing an icy blue pant suit by Tako Mekvabidze. While the color was nice, I am beginning to notice that boxy silhouettes made with shiny satin fabric rarely looks good.


Malaika Arora

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I’m not sure yet!! The fit is a really big issue here.. it is neither boxy nor snug! We have seen better boxy silhouettes even in cotton on HHC pages!!

  2. Don’t know if those are creses on the pants or severe puckering. Even the blazer(?) doesn’t seem to sit well on her shoulders. It’s as though it’s riding up and she would have to keep pulling the blazer down.

  3. I hate everything about this suit.. material, styling etc.. also Malaika looks like she has a permanent shrug on her shoulders… the kind without the hands.. if you know what I mean…this is a miss unfortunately

  4. Even ordinary, normal non celebs like us look in the mirror before stepping out and iron out creases or change if the clothes are not fitting well so what prevents these celebs from doing so when they have a whole team of designers, stylists and hangers on always with them?

  5. Who in their right mind would “design” such atrocity? Any random tailor would make a suit that one can look at without one’s brain exploding. Obviously a steep task for this “designer”. And who in their right mind would put it on? Nothing but questions…


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