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Malaika was the celebrity guest at a business awards event and was seen wearing a red gown from Hana with hoop earrings. I liked the gown but the hairdo here was a bit of a downer. Did you like it as is?

Malaika Arora

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Exactly my thoughts. But the post is misleading. It’s not a business event. It’s influencer business. Appropriate for that I guess. Considering other personality promoting it is Ameesha Patel.

  1. A slit at the chest and a slit by the side of the leg. I have got a fantastic body. Now look, look at me. Doesn’t matter that it is a business do. I JUST need you to be amazed by my body…..

  2. Cannot get more inappropriate than this. She looks great. But this is borderline sick for a business event where men and women achievers come for some well earned respect and dignity. Then again, people who invited her at the business awards obviously got what they signed up for.
    I have been to business events where anchors turn up in clothes inspired by such celebrity appearances. On one such occasion, one of organisers offered the anchor her jacket, rather insisted she wears it as everyone could see a wardrobe disaster in waiting. It also gets embarrassing to be on the stage with such a skin show topped by equal cluelessness about the content of the event.

  3. I saw a video of her in this outfit and she was struggling to walk/tripping over the extra length of fabric pooling at her feet.. not elegant at all! Why do they not think of what will look good not just in staged photos but actually in person!


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