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Malaika helped judge the dance contest at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne on Saturday wearing an Anamika Khanna ensemble with a statement beaded necklace from Apala.

Sure, she looked great in the outfit but considering it was an outdoor event and it is winter in Australia, why not wear something more practical? Or even an AK design that had a blouse top vs the bustier top?

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  1. So at Indian airports the Bollywood ladies are in boots and at a place that is actually cold, they wear bikini blouse. It makes absolute no sense

  2. I’m in Melbourne and it was extremely cold yesterday. This outfit though stunning is not day event appropriate neither is it practical for winters. Wanna know who the stylist is?

  3. Wow. It’s true that money can’t buy style. Putting aside the question, why is Malaika at a film festival, what is this outfit?
    Also, you are absolutely right. She has access to people who can put together an event and weather appropriate outfit together and she chose this? Why?

  4. Is it so hard for celebrities to put together a winter ensembe or showing skin makes them condfident and feel stylish….. they are becoming a laughing stock internationally…. I am from melbourne and its freeezing out here !!!


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