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The ‘Delhi Eye’ launch event had Shah Rukh, Malaika and Mandira in attendance which also included a fashion show by Satya Paul. Malaika performed at the event and also walked the runway wearing a Satya Paul sari.

Between the two, I much preferred Mandira’s Satya Paul over Malaika’s. Malaika’s just felt the same ole’ Satya Paul-ish rainbow fare. Got a preference?

Malaika Arora for Satya Paul at Delhi Eye Launch, Delhi

Shah Rukh Khan and Mandira Bedi at Delhi Eye Launch

Photo Credit: Karan Thapa

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  1. Oh man….SRK looks DELISH!!!
    For some reason, I feel he’s talking about their role in DDLJ….the coy Ms. Bedi in that movie…U know that ‘then and now’ kinda reference… 🙂

  2. I really like both the sarees. If I had to pick one, it’d be Malaika’s – probably because she looks so good in these pics.

    Mandira is getting overshadowed because of SRK in the same frame!

  3. huh? what? mandira what? oh. sorry, i havent stopped looking at SRK. love his energy. and his smile. and his dimples. and his suit. well, you get the idea.

    ok, now getting to the point of the post, i dont like mandira’s sari at all. it looks like a disaster struck at the dry cleaners. too many colours bleeding into each other.

  4. I love Satya paul sarees so give me either one and I’d be happy!! I’m not sure about the big kundan sets on these type of sarees though, it looks a bit of a mismatch.

  5. Payal and Priyanka,

    I have a request. please please consider it.

    Could you please tag all saree posts in future as SAREE or SARI or tag posts with the traditional sarees as Kancheepuram/ Kanjeevaram because I was trying to look through some sarees on your blog and the only way I could do that was by searching for the designer- MM or Sabya. There was no way to retract the posts that covered traditional Kanjeevaram sarees.

    Please, pretty please???

  6. Malaika is looking her best anything looks good on her!
    Mandira is getting completely overshadowed by Shah Rukh and her saree does not help! shahrukh looks short in his suit and sooo exhausted!

  7. srk is handsome as always and his suit very dapper..although srk even though i love you and you will never read this please do not spike your hair so high…it looks good on a 5 year old but not on a 40 year old…speaking of the two ladies im just bored..both the saris are soo boring and the way they have been worn has taken away from the delicate sensuality of a sari..i mean the whole point is to show a little bit of skin mallaika might as well not even be wearing the pallu


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