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It’s a sari we’ve seen Mahima wear before. Didn’t like it then, don’t like it now.

And even though Vidya couldn’t resist the drape, we sure are happy to see something other than a diaphanous chiffon on these pages.

As for Pallavi, her look reminds me just a tad bit of Juhi. Know what I mean?

Who’s sari style gets your vote? It’s okay to pick none. 😉


L To R: Mahima Chaudhary, Pallavi Joshi And Vidya Malwade At Maharashtra’s 60 Years Celebrations

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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      • Yes I do love the simplicity of her whole look…
        Mahima reminds me of strawberries.. is that weird!?
        I do like Vidya’s blouse, not sure it looks good on her though…

  1. To begin with I hate Vidya’s sari…very cheap looking…completely ignoring the draping..If I really HAD to choose I would pick Pallavi’s sari..Mahima’s sari would have looked better if she would have gone with a contrast blouse and not the one with the same print as the sari itself…

  2. 60 yrs of Maharashtra celebrations – they should have worn Paithani sarees.
    Of these, I love Pallavi Joshi’s white and red saree. White and red is a normal combo, and as much as Juhi loves it, so do many more. It’s not like Pallavi is copying Juhi.

  3. I would actually have to say I prefer Vidya’s saree out of the three with Pallavi coming second. I like the fact that Vidya is wearing a traditional saree but draped in a more modern way. I’m just wondering, since it’s a celebration for Maharashtra, is it a Maharashtrian saree?

  4. Both pallavi and vidya’s Sarees are regular sarees .But i like Vidyas draping style,It perfectly goes with her figure.Pallavi style is again plain and good on her age and figure.

  5. I will go with Pallavi. Age appropriate, graceful…
    Mahima looks like she fell into a tub of paint and Vidya’s pleats bother me – they’re uneven, and her saree is quite cheap looking – otherwise its not too bad. i like the thought of young girls wearing something other than chiffon

  6. pallavi’s sari is very apt and pretty… but my vote goes to vidya’s sari n her style of draping (ignoring the half a boob show) .. though i am not sure if she looks gr8 with that hairdo! …

    first Dia n now vidya, i like the fact that they are giving the chiffons a miss and donning traditional saris- bright n heavy and making them look fashionable and modern…

  7. What’s wrong with Vidya’s draping???? Most women in office and market tie their sarees, pinned back and not flowing over their arms….she looks nice. Pl do not feature Mahima’s saree.. its NOT worth a post, let alone a second one


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