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Mahima forgets that there are cameras everywhere and if there is a picture, we are bound to find her committing a fashion infraction, even if it is a whole different city! 😉

P.S. The dress we don’t care much for but to wear that sari again! Wrong. Very wrong.

Thanks ‘tasneem’ for the sari tip.

P.S. You can check out our review of the other ladies at the Star Screen Awards here.


Left: At Police Show, Nov 2008
Right: Wedding in New Delhi, Jan 2009


Left: At ITA Awards, Dec 2008
Right: Kimaya opening in New Delhi, Dec 2008

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani
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  1. Come on what is with this vain. There is no harm in repeating a dress. After all there are many who do not even have a decent dress. In economic downturn she has done a smart choice!!! Give her a break.

  2. what’s wrong with repeating outfits???

    i think it’s kind of insensitive not to, i mean look at the state of the economy that it’s in today, and furthermore it’s a ‘green’ choice too.

    people wasting enormous amounts of money, all in the effort of avoiding a repeat is crass, and highlights the greedy tendencies of the materialistic and dissipated lifestyle so many lead today. really is all that necessary?

    to take points away for repeating outfits, is ridiculous, if not unfair and edging towards the more unreasonable and malicious side.


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