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On the runway, we didn’t mind the Vizyon dress especially with the necklace because it tie in the shimmer angle. Off the runway, the same dress just looked so bland on Mahi and those pointy sandals didn’t help. Wish Mahi had taken more effort to dress this look up.

Left: Vizyon, Winter Festive 2010
Right: Mahi Gill at Utt Patang Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. am amazed how hard she tries to show her legs by pulling the chiffon part aside….
    its “meh” look otherwise. reminds me monisha jaisingh designs.

    • What a pointless accusation? First of all, if she wants to show of her well-toned legs, why one earth shouldn’t she? Its not even like the outfit is vulgarly revealing, you can only see a couple of inches of skin above her knee.

      Second of all,she hasn’t pulled the chiffon apart, at all. SO why say something so tasteless?

    • Yeah. The runway looks better somehow. It looks brown there and thats a better contrast with the gold. Plus the shoes and the updo helped the look come together.

  2. ok quick question..I might have missed it in the earlier posts….why the hatred against pointy shoes? ( not that Im a huge fan or anything – but only coz they are not comfortable) I know they used to be really ‘in’ a couple of yrs back….why it seems like P&P ull think pointy shoes r a fashion faux pas? why so?


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