Well Suited?

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Wearing color-coorded pantsuits were these ladies and while I didn’t have a clear favorite (Shamita and Tahira were lookin’ nice), I sure had a least favorite one and it was Sonali. Not only was the suit poorly tailored, the nath just felt too gimmicky.

Maheep Kapoor, Shamita Shetty, Tahira Kashyap and Sonali Sehgal

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Shamita and Tahira catch your eye – I like Tahira’s more but the blazer seems longer than usual..

    I like Shamita’s a little less because I am bored of seeing corset type tops beneath blazers.

  2. I found maheeps suit poorly done.
    The gathers at the bottom hem, the fluffing of the fabric at the groin.
    Also, the suit likely didn’t button up coz even in the insta videos, she kept pulling the suit to keep it together

  3. I’m liking Sonali and Tahira here. They look different and well put together.

    Shamita looks nice too but her suit is too shiny for my taste and I generally hate corsets.

    Maheep’s pants let her down. Also, the shiny stripe along the sides is distracting.

  4. I actually really dig Sonali’s look. The only one whose suit fits her well. Remove the nath and break the monotony of green with a tinge of red through jewellery instead of the matchy green. Makes for an impactful look.

    Rest of the looks consist of poorly fitted pants that pool at the feet. Tahira’s pants are too wide. There’s something very nouveau riche about Maheep’s look.

  5. Ewww so Gaudy-am color assault, all 4 except Maheep where the classic white looks nice.
    Didnt like the loud choice of colors, the sheeny shine or the tacky blouses on Sonali, Shamita or Tahira. My eyes hurt.


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