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You all must remember the Versace safety pin gown on Ms. Hurley. You don’t? Well, either you weren’t born or you’ve been living under a rock. 😛

Versus, Versace’s diffusion label, came out with a series of dresses that have a more modern take on the iconic gown and giving us a sighting of one of them was Maheep.

While Maheep wore hers well, I wish she’d worn the hair up to show off the asymmetric neckline as well as her hoops.


Left: Maheep Kapoor at Sridevi’s 50th Birthday Bash
Right: Versus Safety Pin Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This looks really bad like it couldnt take her waist size and burst at the seams …and that she has safety pinned it to keep it together

    This dress should not be risked by anyone beyond a mere size 2, very unfortunate but totally true fact….

    Ms Kapoor, please pin this to the spring clean pile, not a good look at all

  2. disagree with the comments above 🙂 i think kapoor has a very toned body and this dress looks just fine on her. no belly flab that i can see. and her legs are fantastic.

  3. I think she looks amazing. Love the dress and I am loving the red lipstick. I like her hair down and I dont think it interferes with the neck line.

    I love the look…..and the clutch…is that an Alexander McQueen?? If so, cool combo with the edgy dress.

  4. i think she has a great body and sad that we cannot look past size 2 !!!
    If we go by that then 90% of the indian women should be sitting at home wearing a night gown!.. I think you should wear what you want to wear.

    And of late the comments on this website are just getting very bitchy and hyper critical. Deepika is the only one who gets spared and according to most of the readers every one is dressed thrashy.. No wonder they say a women’s worst enemy is another women. Have some compassion and look at the bright side also sometimes

  5. Apeksha you said it well. When I read the comments it does not match the images I see.

    She looks fantastic. I wish I had a body like that.


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