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Maheep and Shanaya attended Rhea and Karan’s wedding with the former wearing a white suit and the latter an Arpita Mehta lehenga. Shanaya looked nice in hers but Maheep’s suit felt very dated.

Did you like?

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Maheep Kapoor
at Rhea Kapoor and Karan Boolani Wedding

Shanaya Kapoor
at Rhea Kapoor and Karan Boolani Wedding

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Although these looks have been done to death, I would still pick the mother over the daughter. So much skin and so many ab sightings in these skimpy lehengas make it repetitive.

  2. @Tiya. Bwahahahah True
    If Maheep reads this comment she will die of shame. She desperately wants to be thought of as a fashion icon. Aapne usko I-KAUN bana diya like her niece

  3. Can’t hate anything here, it’s ok to dress sober for a wedding. It’s been a long time since that happened. But they all
    actually look like wedding guests ?

    • You know what would have been a lovely simple sighting – A raw mango or good earth pastel, solid colour sari with an interesting blouse, draped well with a side bun & gajra (even if she kept her current makeup and jewellery as is). Instead of this over-the-top, shinny, blingy, nothing-fashionable-about-it clothing that Maheep favours

      • I think seeing as a viewer is different from having to own those pieces to wear. The best thing about lockdown was really uncurated non-ott weddings. People have to show up to close family only, so this level of dressing is expected from those who are all for showing off.

  4. I think Maheep looks very very nice. The white and gold look so classy in her and I disagree that this looks dated …on the other side I actually felt it looked very classic! Shanayas outfit looks very nice on her too, wouldn’t change a thing!

  5. I actually don’t mind both outfits. Maheep’s looks like something that already belonged in her closet that she choose to wear and I like the dupatta in Shanaya’s lehenga. Can you feature Anshula’s outfit? That was my favorite out of the ones I’ve seen so far!

  6. From a sustainability point of view, I think it’s totally okay for things to look dated. It’s nice to keep rewearing clothes, even if they have an old-fashioned design. ?
    Maheep could’ve bought a more classic, timeless suit perhaps. But I still like her here.

  7. What is dated? Wearing something from your closet from an earlier date? That would be me everywhere!! Lol.
    Jokes aside, I think Maheeps look is classic and timeless, white and gold. Plus she’s not an actress, why does she need to wear whats “in”? I’d choose what she wore anyday over those teeny weeny choli lehengas, that’s so cookie cutter.

  8. I could get on board with Maheep’s outfit but those matchy matchy golden pumps.. ugg.. and why that peach lipstick.
    it is not dated because it’s been in her wardrobe since a decade.. that would be a classic (to survive wardrobe purges year after year)

    It’s dated because knowing them it’s probably new but inspired by the 80’s/ 90’s ghastly fashion.. Imagining actresses in those calf length shiny frilly frocks and golden pumps with white washed face and peach lipstick.


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