1. I’ll take this over the all the tacky MMs that we saw at the Ambani wedding. This may not be the best saree Madhuri has worn but this is a much needed palette cleanser. I have an issue with the blouse though…a regular blouse would have worked better.

  2. Even without those blue patches I doubt I would have like this saree.
    Why are these celebrities wearing these MM creations called sarees. They look so cheap and adds nothing to their looks.
    Such a beautiful woman and such disastrous clothes.
    sorry, had to vent it out!

    • Seeing as the film is produced by Dharma Productions, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was literally mentioned in their contract when they signed up for the film.

  3. Oh my god ditto Payal! Those grey/blue patches are so unnecessary and ugly. I actually loved her in the promotional shots showcased on Insta where she is sitting and it appears to be a black saree with just an elaborate pallu.


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