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While taping her television show, Madhuri was photographed in an Anju Modi sari on the sets. I understand that this look was a nod to “retro” (per stylist/designer), bit it wasn’t one I was a big fan of.

Considering everything veers to OTT when it comes to TV shows styling, in that context perhaps the look works. And Madhuri makes the look work but she shouldn’t have to!

There are so many other ways to do a retro-inspired look, and this wasn’t it. Between a polka-dot sari and a puffy-sleeved blouse, you already have a winning combination. Why then the blouse with awkwardly placed embroidery/embellishment, the belt, the shoes. Those shoes! Why does the TV aesthetic always have to be so loud (and this is not in reference to this look in particular but all television shows’ styling in general)?

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Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Someone like Madhuri surely would have a say and not just wear anything that doesn’t match her style aesthetic. Can’t entirely blame the TV show for that. And ni, even Madhuri does not make this work.

  2. I can only imagine how this happened. They wanted to show embellishment on blouse, so they put the scrap of fabric on chest, that looked weird so they added the belt.. now the whole battle is lost.

  3. This saree is a very cheaply done. I remember during school plays -the costume wala used come with a trunk and provide very cheap cardboard glued in costumes for- kings / queen- you the type where the saree is actually a short but blindly piece of polyester fabric – Madhuri’s saree is of that level.


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